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Augeo Clean Multi

  • Ecologically friendly from renewable source
  • Low odour
  • Highly solubilising
  • Low evaporation
  • Supports and extends fragrances

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Augeo™ Clean Multi (Isopropylidene glycerol) is an eco-solvent made from glycerine – a renewable source. It is an excellent alternative to petrochemical derived solvents such as glycol or glycol ether. It offers superior performance and is more environmentally friendly.  Essican Purelife Augeo Clean has a low evaporation rate and excellent solubilising power.  It reinforces and extends fragrances, making it perfect as a diluent and carrier for room fragrances, reed diffusers and air fresheners or car air fresheners. Its very low odour makes Augeo Clean a better choice for home fragrance manufacture than DPG or DPM.

Augeo™ Clean Multi has high solvency power allowing it to be used in other formulatiions such as multi-purpose cleaners and degreasers. In undiluted form Augeo™ Clean Multi  is hazardous so please consult the CLP before use. When used in combination with a fragrance a combined CLP label must be created for the product.

Product safety:

This product is an eye irritant and skin contact should be avoided. Please wear eye protection and gloves during use. Do not eat or drink during use. People with asthma and eczema should avoid use. Please consult the CLP sheet for full safety information.


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