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Neem Oil

Neem oil is a versatile carrier oil with a wide range of benefits.

  • Rich in fatty acids including oleic acids, palmitic acids and linoleic acids
  • Nourishing and moisturising
  • Contains natural antihistamines
  • Astringent
  • Soothes dry and inflamed skin
  • Calms dry and frizzy hair
  • Controls mould, fungus and insects in the garden


Essican Purelife Neem oil is 100% pure cold pressed oil from the whole fruit and seeds of the tropical tree Indian Lilac (Azadirachta indica). This tree was traditionally cultivated in the Indian subcontinent by families who valued its wide range of medicinal and insecticidal  properties. Today it is grown worldwide and in commercial settings.

Benefits of Neem Oil:

Neem oil is a very versatile oil, both when used on its own as as an ingredient in cosmetics, soaps, creams and lotions. This oil is rich in fatty acids including oleic acids, palmitic acids and linoleic acids all of which benefit the skin. It is nourishing and moisturising. However, care should be taken to dilute it with another mild carrier such as coconut oil as it is strongly astingent if used topically. It is valued for hair care as well as in the garden where it can support the health of your plants.

Neem oil is loaded with nutrients. It is used in many lotions, creams soaps and when making cosmetics. Neem may be beneficial for eczema prone skin and for people who suffer from psoriasis and acne. Its astringent properties may help minor cuts and wounds.

Neem oil for skin care

Neem oil is potent with a strong smell. It is important to test whether individuals can tolerate it neat, with care taken if using it undiluted on the skin.
If applying it to damaged or dry skin skin, dilute Neem with coconut oil or another mild carrier oil. Lavender, geranium, bergamot or lemon essential oils can be added to enhance the aroma and the soothing effect of the blend.
A preparation including neem oil can help with the redness and inflammation of sunburn. Eczema and psoriasis may also benefit from oil blends containing neem oil, however this should not be considered a medicine for either condition. The moisturising effects of neem help prevent drying out of the skin and its antibacterial attributes help guard against infections entering through broken skin. The anti-fungal properties of this oil mean it can help[ treat fungal skin problems like Athlete’s Foot, and Ringworm. Users also report good results in preventing infection in folds of skin.

Neem oil hair and scalp treatments

Neem oil is a firm favourite for taming frizzy or afro-textured hair. The fine oil barrier that it creates prevents water absorption so the hair is easier to manage. Neem oil can help control dandruff. You should patch test in a small area before using it neat, and dilute with coconut oil or another carrier oil for sensitive scalps and children.  Leave neem hair preparations applied to the hair and scalp overnight to combat head lice.

Neem oil for infected nails

Use Neem oil for nails with fungal infections. Apply neat oil 2 – 3 times daily to benefit from its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. After 5 days, if there is no improvement, consult a chiropodist or GP.

Neem oil for gardeners

Neem is a great natural insecticide and kills mould, mildrew and other fungal infections in the garden. It should not be used neat. Add a few drops of washing-up liquid to a gallon of water to allow the neem to dissolve, then mix in two teaspoons of neem oil. This mixture can be sprayed on plants both to treat active attacks and protect against new ones. Insects neem oil is effective against include whiteflies, aphids, mealy bugs, japanese beetles, thrips, fungus gnat and leafhoppers. It can also protect against nematodes and spider mites. Use neem to treat plant fungal diseases including leaf spot, black spot, powdery mildew, scab and anthracnose.

Wait as long as possible, preferably 5 days from spraying, before harvesting and eating fruit and vegetables sprayed with neem oil preparations. Take care to wash the produce with warm soapy water to ensure all traces of the oil are removed before preparing and eating it.

Uses of Neem oil in the home

Add a few drops of Neem oil to cleaning products can help to prevent mould and mildew.



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