The spirit of Christmas! Our favourite festive scents

Scent has powerfully Transportive properties, with the ability to conjure up memories and stir really deep emotions, and there’s no time of year where that’s more apparent than at Christmas. At Essican, we have a series of inviting fragrances to make this festive period truly special, covering everything from nostalgic finishing touches to brand new traditions.

Apple Spice

Our apple spice fragrance oil is the perfect autumn-winter scent, with its welcoming aroma that conjures up memories of freshly baked apple pie and bubbling apple cider. It’s a great choice for handmade candles and soaps you intend to gift, as it transitions perfectly into spring.

Candy Cane

It wouldn’t be Christmas without candy canes scattered across the tree, and now you can harness the sweet, minty scent with our candy cane fragrance oil. It has all the notes you expect from the retro confectionery, with peppermint and spearmint nestled against sugar and vanilla.

Chocolate Orange

Pulling a chocolate orange out of your stocking is a cherished tradition, it even topped a poll of best Christmas chocolates last year! Take the tradition to new heights by doubling up on the chocolate orange delights; use our chocolate orange fragrance oil to make bath bombs, and ‘tap and unwrap’ in the tub!

Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is an instantly recognisable scent – one that takes us all right back to childhood. Our Christmas pudding fragrance oil includes the aromas of ​​all of the iconic dessert’s must-have ingredients – there are juicy top notes of dried fruit, like raisins and plums, along with zesty citrus. The requisite spices – cinnamon, clove and ginger – are all in there, too. It’s rounded out with a sweet vanilla base and finished with – what else? – a touch of brandy.


The warm, slightly spicy scent of gingerbread is a mainstay at this time of year. Create gorgeously scented candles with our gingerbread fragrance oil and burn them while you decorate gingerbread men or assemble gingerbread houses with the kids. It’s also a lovely aroma to wind down with after they’ve gone to bed!

Mulled Wine

All the atmosphere of the Christmas market without leaving the house? Yes please! Our mulled wine fragrance oil is layered with the intoxicating smells of our favourite festive drink. It’s packed full of all the spicy notes that make mulled wine so delicious, with cinnamon and clove, nutmeg and ginger, and gorgeous fruity touches of apple, orange and lemon.

Winter Spice

Our winter spice fragrance oil is reminiscent of ribbon wrapped pomanders, the beautiful homemade Christmas decorations that you craft from oranges and cloves. It contains notes of both, plus cinnamon and tangerine to round it out. It’s the ideal everyday festive fragrance, and makes any kind of Christmas craft project instantly feel yule-ready.

Of course, all of our festive fragrance oils are sourced ethically and produced to the incredibly high standard you expect from us here at Essican. We hope your Christmas is very merry – and smells great, too!

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