Shake it up! NYE Cocktail Fragrances

Planning a party this New Years Eve? Or will it be a night in with the TV? Whether you’ve invited everyone round, or you’ll be seeing in 2022 on the sofa with Jools Holland and a cup of tea, you can set the mood with special, cocktail-inspired scents from our range of fabulous fragrance oils. Here are a few of our faves!

Pre Mixed Cocktails

We love a fancy cocktail here at Essican, which is why some of the best-loved mixes have made it from the drinks menu to our product list! Our pina colada fragrance oil is an intoxicating take on the tropical classic, with notes of fresh, juicy pineapple along with sweet, smooth coconut. Rum and raisin fragrance oil is another seriously popular choice – a fabulous option for the diffuser while you whip up an old fashioned along the same theme. If you (or your guests) are into a white wine spritzer, why not mix it up by adding a squeeze of fresh lemon – and making some complementary candles using our lemon and lime spritz fragrance oil.

Champagne Cocktails

Fizz and fireworks are all you need for a great NYE celebration, and we’ve got the first part sorted with our gorgeous pink champagne fragrance oil. It’s a distinctive, luxurious scent, so accurate you can almost imagine the bubbles. And you don’t have to stop there; adding lemon helps to emulate a French 75, one of our favourite cocktails, while a dash of orange makes a Mimosa. Adding other fruits – perhaps several – makes for a very fancy fruit punch!


Ever turn up to the bar and ask the bartender to make you something a little different? You can do the same with fragrance oils! Try a couple of different drops together and create a cocktail of aromas to delight your guests. This year, we’ll be mixing vanilla, cocoa butter and mocha coffee fragrance oils to create our very own Espresso Martini scent (and we’ll be whipping them up for the guests to go along with it!). Create an inviting take on the classic Amaretto Sour by combining cherry and lemon fragrance oils with sweet almond carrier oil; but be sure to roll up your sleeves before you start making the corresponding drinks, as sours require a lot of shaking.

Next Morning

Ah, the morning after! You can see off even the most horrendous of New Years Eve hangovers with refreshing, revitalising scents such as lemongrass, tangerine or pine. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling a bit fragile, the sweet, cosy aroma of vanilla or the nostalgic note of candy floss can feel like a hug!

Send us your very best fragrance oil cocktail recipes and let us know how you’ll be celebrating this New Years Eve over on Facebook or Instagram. We’re looking forward to hearing about your scent mixology!

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