Gift Guide: give Essican this Christmas

At Essican, we know the power of a great gift – and we’re big believers that there’s nothing more special than a homemade present. That being said, keeping everyone happy at Christmas time can sometimes feel like a chore. Let us guide you through the festive minefield of what to make with our gift guide. There’s something for everyone here!

For stocking fillers

Who doesn’t love to find a hand crafted surprise in their stocking, or a well-thought out personalised gift waiting for them under the tree? We love getting creative here at Essican, which is why we have such a huge range of scents available to explore. Make bath bombs that smell like their favourite dessert or mocha-scented candles to burn with their morning coffee. It’s a great idea to make extras in case friends pop by unexpectedly and you want to spread a little festive cheer.

For your craft-obsessed friend

If you have a friend who likes crafting as much as you do, why not grab them a few of your favourites next time you’re stocking up? We have so many amazing essential oils onsite, ideal for adding a luxurious touch to homemade bath products and candles, and your friend will really appreciate a thoughtful gift that takes into account their interests. Popping a few essentials into the bundle is also welcome; check out our organic carrier oils, for example.

For the chocoholics

We have so many options if you’re making gifts for chocolate lovers! It’s a fantastic way of doing something less obvious than picking up a selection box. Pick any one of our amazing chocolate fragrance oils: we have cocoa butter, which is reminiscent of rich dark chocolate, chocolate orange (a festive favourite), and chocolate and honey, which is sweet and soothing. We love to get creative and mix cocoa butter with marshmallow for the scent of fireside s’mores!

For the home fragrance fanatic

Home diffusers have risen hugely in popularity over the last few years, with further growth predicted. If you have a friend who’s really into their oil blends, why not pick up a few complementary scents for their diffuser? There’s also growing concern around the mainstream candle market, with many companies including harmful ingredients in their recipes. When you make your own candles to give to your loved ones, you can control what goes into them; and at Essican, all of our oils are sourced carefully and ethically, to keep you safe and your products perfect.

For expensive tastes

If you’re making festive gifts for folk who like the finer things in life, look no further than our designer fragrance oils. We’ve carefully blended oils to create scents that smell just like designer perfumes, so you can make cosmetics, candles and bath products that tie in perfectly with their go-to eau de toilette.

Keep us up to date with all your festive makes over on Instagram or Facebook – we love seeing our products in action and can’t wait to hear about the reactions from your family and friends.

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