Fragrance Oils with fragrance

Essican Purelife offer Fragrance Oils with a fantastic range of aromas for your home or workplace. From fresh and fruity flavours to relaxing Lavender or comforting Baby Powder, you are sure to find Fragrance Oils with fragrances that enhance your mood.

Our Fragrance Oils have scents of food, flowers, herbs and spices are all available for use with oil burners, with fragrance sticks and in the making of bath bombs, soap making, candle making and other cosmetic and scented products.

Sold in amber bottles, Essican Purelife fragrance oils are vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

Common uses of fragrance oils

Our fragrance oils can be used for candle making, wax melts, cream bases, hand made soap, bath bombs, shampoo bases, shower gel, bath salts and for scenting the home using oil burners, diffusers and pot pourri.

Avoid direct contact with the skin of undiluted oils.

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