Essican Scents to Spring You into the New Season

Spring has sprung, so put the cinnamon, apple and cosy fire scents away; this calls for something a little more invigorating. It’s recommended that you switch up your perfume scents seasonally, as some deeper notes become a bit too intense when the weather gets warmer, and the same applies to your home fragrances, too. Here’s our guide to using Essican essential oils to welcome in the new season.

Bring the Outdoors In

Now’s the time to change up your regular diffuser or wax melts to match the new shoots and fragrant blooms out in nature. Daffodils are so often the first signifier of spring, and our Golden Daffodil blend mixes their scent with sugar-sweet notes of orchid, peach, jasmine and vanilla. Sweet Pea is similarly floral, only with undertones of fruit and musk, while Fresh Rain’s woodsy pine, iris and eucalyptus evoke forest trails during April showers. For something a little more understated, simply add one of our flower extract oils to your burner — geranium has a subtle minty quality that makes it a great stress-reliever!

Spring Cleaning Essentials

You can’t have spring without spring cleaning, and the mental and emotional benefits of having a big clearout aren’t to be sniffed at. For some, it’s all about the latest tidying hacks and maximalist cleaning routines, while others prefer to keep things simple and whip up DIY products at home — and that’s where your essential oils come in. Citrus is synonymous with squeaky clean surfaces (and with good reason; its peel has antimicrobial properties!), so you can’t go wrong with classic lemon, lime or orange scents. Tea tree packs a punch, too, with its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral credentials, and it blends perfectly with the floral zest of bergamot. Just be wary of using homemade essential oil cleaners on wood or marble surfaces — stick to kitchen counters, sinks and shelves if in doubt!

Laundry List

The smell of fresh laundry is a go-to in the candle-making industry, such is its association with a clean home. But did you know you can spruce up your laundry even more by adding essential oils? Just pop a few drops directly into your washing machine, blend with an unscented laundry soap, or dab onto washcloth and add it to your tumble dryer to add some fresh aromas to your clothing. Lavender, spearmint and peppermint are naturally antibacterial, giving you a little extra help with disinfecting your dirtiest clothes. Some of our pre-mixed fragrance oils evoke notes of well-known laundry fragrances, too: Spring Awakening combines seasonal flowers, patchouli and white cedar, while summer fruits, peach and coconut mingle with a sweet base of amber and vanilla in Gold.

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