Essential Oils: The Benefits for your Wellbeing

Essential oils don’t just make our homes and cosmetics smell great — plant extracts have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties, too. There are a multitude of ways they can be used to benefit our wellbeing, from reducing anxiety to relieving pain. We would always recommend speaking to your doctor first about any serious health concerns, but if you’re just in need of a little extra boost, this guide will help you understand the hidden benefits of Essican’s essential oils.

For Your Mental Health

Many people struggle with their mental health, and aromatherapy is a recommended self-help technique for dealing with everything from short-term stress to dementia. Lavender has long been associated with a good night’s rest, its calming scent improving both the duration and quality of your sleep. Chamomile and sandalwood both have anti-anxiety benefits that help you snooze, whereas a blend of sweet orange and spearmint does the opposite, energising you for whatever the day brings. That’s because citrus is an instant mood-lifter, so if you like that, you’ll love our Frozen Margarita blend — it features notes of lemon, lime, pear and mandarin. Pop a few drops in your diffuser or hankie to elevate your spirits with a zesty fragrance.

For Pain Relief

Several essential oils are said to have potent pain-relieving properties and can be applied topically to alleviate the aches that are bothering you most. Peppermint oil is one of the most famous natural painkillers thanks to its menthol content, which is an analgesic and creates a cooling sensation in your muscles. Wintergreen also relieves tension and soothes painful joints, but you should be wary of it interacting with any medications you take. A concoction of marjoram and clary sage may sound like you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but this duo is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory treatment (plus, clary sage is great for relieving menstrual cramps!). Remember to blend your essential oils with a carrier oil before using them for aromatherapy massage, and they can add extra benefits, too: castor oil has a warming effect on the muscles, while hempseed oil increases circulation.

For Illness

There’s nothing worse than a slight sniffle turning into a full bout of flu. Naps, hot drinks and over-the-counter medicine are top of most people’s sick day checklists, but did you know some essential oils have cold-fighting properties, too? Lemon is a great decongestant, so pop a few drops into your bath or a bowl of hot water and let the steam clear that runny nose. Eucalyptus is a powerful antioxidant and has fever-lowering benefits, while our good friend peppermint oil relieves sinusitis symptoms and reduces coughs — add a few drops to our blackseed carrier oil, which has sickness-healing properties of its own, to create a homemade chest rub!

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